Visiting Taiwan . 4 Oct 2012. Last Day. Part 2/3 Jiufen (九份) & Gold Ecological Park (黄金博物园区)

A fruitful one day visit around the region of Jiufen (九份) & Jinguashi (金瓜石)

Visiting Taiwan . 4 Oct 2012. Last Day. Part 1/3 Yeliu Geopark (野柳)/Jiufen (九份)

On this last day before we head back to Singapore, we had planned for a trip around the outskirts of Taipei. We were really looking forward to this day trip until we saw the hoards of people who were already there and more flocking in… Gosh… It was really quite painful to be at the … Continue reading

Dealing with Death…

The last weekend was very much-anticipated and the things one would probably think of doing on a 3-day weekend could include: Sleeping in, doing things slowly at one’s pace, chilling out at some café joint/pub… the list goes on. That weekend turned out quite differently for me. While my Facebook timeline was updated with friends receiving … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 3 Oct 2012. Day 7. WuLai (烏來)

After a well-rested night, we began the next day with the typical breakfast the locals eat. Ta-Dah! Looks like the carrot cake we can find in Singapore hawker centre isn’t it? The taste is about the same except the chilli is way off. Instead of being spicy, it tasted more salty and sweet. There was … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 3 Oct 2012. Day 6. Back in Taipei

After spending 2 days at the Alishan area, we headed back to the Taipei. Of course, not without saying good-bye to the cute granddaughter of Papa Liu. She’s this cutie doll that runs away, hiding behind grandpa or grandma whenever we tried to initiate conversation. Behind her is her newborn brother. Papa Liu dropped us … Continue reading

LL about my husband being called back to the army for reservist. Bleah.

“Training to be soldiers to fight for our land. Once in our lives. Two years of our time. Have you ever wondered? Why must we serve ‘Cause we love our land. We want it to be free…”  It’s the time of the year again. I knew Poh was due to go back for his reservist some time back in 2013 and I … Continue reading

Hello 2014!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope everyone had a great 2013! Personally, I always believe in improving myself though I seldom have much success in that. Ha! Nonetheless, it is always good to always look inwards and reflect on what I could have done better in the coming year as compared to the past year and … Continue reading

Life is a bed of roses. Thorns included. ;)

Not trying to sound bigger than I am but I do view life as a very interesting vehicle. It depends on how you steer this vehicle and the route you intend to travel. Every decision you made will lead to a different outcome, perhaps even destination in different phases of one’s life. The ultimate destination … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 2 Oct 2012. Day 5. Part 1/3 Catching the sunrise

Man… This is arduous. Waking up at 4 am is no joke. Poh has opted out of this activity as sleep seemed a better option. I struggled but decided to go for it in the end.  Since I can hardly remember if I had ever did such a crazy thing in any of my previous … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 1 Oct 2012. Day 4. Part 2/2 Reaching 渊明居

Introducing to you… 渊明居 Clean Sheets! The toilet seat is warm, comes with a bidet and spot the rain shower plus anti-slip mat! Weiwei! The rooms don’t look exceptionally posh nor does it resemble any 5-star accommodation but this is definitely the best home stay experience we had.  We were humbled not just by the … Continue reading