Union of Jensen and Seok Chun

When I woke up yesterday by a phone call, I could not quite bring myself to pick it up. I tried ignoring it but the thought of being an important call urge me to get out of bed. Indeed it was. It was the big day for Poh’s brother and his future wife, aka my future sister-in-law. … Continue reading

mum mum mum bagus

Starting a family of my own, I finally understood the pains of being away from mum. When I was living under the same roof as mummy, all my meals were taken care of. I just had to inform her of the dishes I would like to have and the time that I would be home … Continue reading

Singapore’s Secret Garden

This is a post with just the title inspired by my favourite Korean drama. Let me digress a little by doing a mini promotion for the Korean drama before I begin on what I want to blog about.   Secret garden is a Korean Drama starring Hyun Bin (Isn’t he cute? Hee hee!) and Ha Ji Won. The drama tells … Continue reading

Raymond’s Wedding at Marriott Hotel

Last Saturday was the Big Day for my cousin, Raymond & his wife, Lilian. I had woken up early in the morning at 745am despite the late night out with the 4Justice Gang on Friday. Unable to return to sleep, I got started on all the household chores I had put on hold. Haha! I … Continue reading