LL about my husband being called back to the army for reservist. Bleah.

“Training to be soldiers to fight for our land. Once in our lives. Two years of our time. Have you ever wondered? Why must we serve ‘Cause we love our land. We want it to be free…”  It’s the time of the year again. I knew Poh was due to go back for his reservist some time back in 2013 and I … Continue reading

Good Eats in 2012 – Megumi Japanese Restaurant

In 2012, Poh and I went to several food places where we have not been to in the past. Most served good food. Some have nice ambiance. Here’s the first on the  list and hope you would enjoy the pictures as much as we did enjoy the food and the ambience! 🙂 Megumi Japanese Restaurant 77 … Continue reading

My 2012 In Pictures

“5…4…3…2…1! Happy New Year!” At the stroke of midnight, the new year arrived. Following a clink of our glasses, we drank to the passing of 2012. Was 2012 good? Could it better? That would only depend on how one look at it. Heeding the weekly photo challenge by the daily post, here’s my 2012 in … Continue reading

Christmas… is OvEr?! O.O

After reading the Daily Prompt, I took a break at 12 noon and start making a post. In a blink of an eye, the Christmas holiday is over. The lovely atmosphere is not quite though and definitely not the 11 days of Christmas that follow. Are you out grabbing stuff at a huge discount at … Continue reading

Labrador Nature Reserve Park

Yay! The long overdue post on Labrador Nature Reserve Park is finally done! Poh and I met up with Wei Wei and Patrick for lunch at Old Kallang Airport Food Centre before heading down to the park. We were so glad the weather was looking good for our trip. On our way, we passed by … Continue reading

Wei Wei’s Birthday

The list of people who were having their birthday in april flashed up on my screen when I logged into my email account. Before I went on to click on my inbox and check my email, one caught my eye. Wei wei. I knew her through Poh and  she left a deep impression when she … Continue reading

Poh’s 30th Birthday

It’s the big 3! It was Poh’s birthday last month and a few of his closest friends and mine came together to celebrate his 30th birthday singing KTV, his favourite pastime. To cross over from the two-s to the three-s may mean nothing to others but for Singaporeans, it marks a special occasion. You finally get … Continue reading

Yayoiken and Drinks at Clarke Quay

Happy Labour Day Everybody! It’s such a happy occassion isn’t it? No work. Hanging out with friends. Lazing at home. Catching up on sappy Korean dramas. Heehee. Just before Good Friday, the girls decided to meet up and Yueyee suggested eating at Liang Court since we have not eaten at any of the restaurants in … Continue reading

Plants For U? Then: NO! Now: Maybe…

In the Beginning: I was not a fan. I am still not a fan. Poh is the sole reason there are plants in my house. Reason #1: To shield the balconies from the dusty roads. Reason #2: To beautify the balcony. Reason #3: To provide shade when we eat, rest or do our work in … Continue reading

NYP DND 2012

This year, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) turns 20! To celebrate this occasion, NYP had its Nanyang Polytechnic Dinner and Dance 2012 in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and I was super excited to go with Poh as it was my first time visiting the place. Yes… I’m that sua ku. Heehee… I have not even been to Universal Studios! As the dress code was formal, Poh got me a lovely dress for the event (which I would feature soon … Continue reading