Good Eats in 2012 – Megumi Japanese Restaurant

In 2012, Poh and I went to several food places where we have not been to in the past. Most served good food. Some have nice ambiance. Here’s the first on the  list and hope you would enjoy the pictures as much as we did enjoy the food and the ambience! 🙂 Megumi Japanese Restaurant 77 … Continue reading

Christmas… is OvEr?! O.O

After reading the Daily Prompt, I took a break at 12 noon and start making a post. In a blink of an eye, the Christmas holiday is over. The lovely atmosphere is not quite though and definitely not the 11 days of Christmas that follow. Are you out grabbing stuff at a huge discount at … Continue reading

Simei Eastpoint Mall is CLOSING DOWN!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

This is no longer new news. Shoppers who lived around the area would have gotten wind of it by now from the daily chats with the shop owners or from the other shoppers. If you have not heard of it, this would only mean that you are (1) not an easterner or (2) you don’t … Continue reading

snip, click, struct, take off…

I realised that I’ve taken some random pictures using my camera and I haven’t uploaded them under any previous titles so I thought I’ll just gather them in this post with a whimsical title. Let’s start with my haircut. Recently, I cut my hair and had side fringe. Initially it was a disaster. I was … Continue reading

It’s My Birthday!!!

Although it was a few days past my birthday, I think this is something I feel is definitely worth sharing. What better ways to celebrate the day than to sleep in, eat something you like and spoil yourself silly?! That was exactly what I did. 1. Sleeping in Sleeping in is a thing of the past, … Continue reading

Food Galore in the East

If anyone said there’s nothing good to eat in the east, he/she’s just probably haven’t found the right place which he/she can eat to his fill and finds his/her palate satiated. Living close to 18 years in the east (I used to stay in Telok Blangah, loves and misses that place still. 😦 ), I’ve sieved out … Continue reading

Quick Thai Fix at the Expo

Poh often drives over to the Lerk Thai at the Expo for a quick fix to his craving for Thai Food and it’s no different on Wednesday’s evening except that there isn’t any exhibitions going on. That made the place almost surreal. There was only 1 or 2 cars parked at the car park  and the … Continue reading

Paradise in the East

Poh and I are new residents of the Simei estate and one of the new-found and now favourite place to have our dinner is the Paradise Inn on the 2nd storey of East Point Mall. This restaurant serves mainly Chinese cuisine and the wide variety of dishes available caters to both the young and old. My … Continue reading