Back in the Sunny Garden City!

After spending 9 days winding down in Taiwan, I’m back! It was a fruitful and well-spent week with lots of travelling, sight-seeing, exploring and having fun with friends!  Looking back, I’m already suffering from post-holidays blues on my last day in Taiwan and to make things worst, I’m also down with a cold that seemed … Continue reading

I will finish what I started!

I drafted this post 3 weeks ago but I just got super laid back and decided to push back the date of continuing this post til now. Just want to side track a little, the PSI is now 290!!! (x_x) Last month, I was still full of enthusiasm as I uploaded photographs of my Taiwan … Continue reading

My 2012 In Pictures

“5…4…3…2…1! Happy New Year!” At the stroke of midnight, the new year arrived. Following a clink of our glasses, we drank to the passing of 2012. Was 2012 good? Could it better? That would only depend on how one look at it. Heeding the weekly photo challenge by the daily post, here’s my 2012 in … Continue reading

Christmas… is OvEr?! O.O

After reading the Daily Prompt, I took a break at 12 noon and start making a post. In a blink of an eye, the Christmas holiday is over. The lovely atmosphere is not quite though and definitely not the 11 days of Christmas that follow. Are you out grabbing stuff at a huge discount at … Continue reading

Simei Eastpoint Mall is CLOSING DOWN!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

This is no longer new news. Shoppers who lived around the area would have gotten wind of it by now from the daily chats with the shop owners or from the other shoppers. If you have not heard of it, this would only mean that you are (1) not an easterner or (2) you don’t … Continue reading

Labrador Nature Reserve Park

Yay! The long overdue post on Labrador Nature Reserve Park is finally done! Poh and I met up with Wei Wei and Patrick for lunch at Old Kallang Airport Food Centre before heading down to the park. We were so glad the weather was looking good for our trip. On our way, we passed by … Continue reading

How to Finish

I came across an article today which made me reflect. It was an article featured in Design Taxi named “How To Finish” by Leo Babauta. In the article, it mentioned that many of us may have started off something with zest but eventually loses interest or enthusiasm along the way. I am no different. It … Continue reading

snip, click, struct, take off…

I realised that I’ve taken some random pictures using my camera and I haven’t uploaded them under any previous titles so I thought I’ll just gather them in this post with a whimsical title. Let’s start with my haircut. Recently, I cut my hair and had side fringe. Initially it was a disaster. I was … Continue reading

1st Wedding Anniversary ^^

A few days before the A-day, I received a text from Mom. She lamented about how time flies and that it was almost a year since I moved out of my home in PR. Upon reading her text, I realised… Poh and my wedding anniversary was coming in another few days’ time! Though I was … Continue reading

Busy busy busy…

These few weeks zoomed past so quickly I hardly had time to catch a breath. First it was my examinations. Then it was the rushing to finish up the project I was on by the dateline. Now that the project had entered its last phase, it was really a slight of relief for the team. … Continue reading