Review: Scholl Compression Stockings

Stressing over tired legs in the morning, even after a good night’s sleep? Worry no more with Scholl Compression Stockings! Ideal for relieving tired, aching and swollen legs, the Japanese No. 1 Compression Hosiery is designed based on medical science for sleeping while achieving toned and slimmer looking legs. I hereby present to you the … Continue reading

Review: Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash & Intimate Care

Many a times, we spend long hour seated. Be it zapping from places to places running errands for the family or work or getting really comfy in office chair due to the never-ending deadlines or stuck in your seat through a long meeting. Postures aside, most of the times we neglect a very important part … Continue reading

Review: Audrey Christian – PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy

What do you notice about these ladies in these pictures? I hope you notice what I did: Other than their beautiful faces, their wrinkly and haggard necks was, unfortunately, the highlight in these photos. It isn’t the best of sight and it is definitely not one part of your body which you want to people … Continue reading

Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion

When Estee Lauder is mentioned, images of the intricate design and the gold embellishment that adorned all the products, the super value-for-money Christmas gift sets and the skin care tailored for women of all ages flash through my mind. Amongst the few products from Estee Lauder I have used, I favour especially the Estee Lauder … Continue reading

Review of DrGL(R) Cleanser Lightening

Have you heard of Doctor Georgia Lee? If you haven’t, here’s a brief description of her: Slender, statuesque, a straight-As medical student, a glamorous and renowned doctor… These are but some of the few phrases used to describe her. As you might notice, there is hardly anything bad that could be said of her. I … Continue reading

ProCellax DG1 Review

When I was younger, I love supper. In fact, almost every other night, I’ll either meet my 자기야 at the coffee shop near her place for tea and roti prata  or I’ll be with my family at the Changi Hawker Centre or the coffee shops opposite the street for hor fun or other food. Recently, … Continue reading