Wei Wei’s Birthday

The list of people who were having their birthday in april flashed up on my screen when I logged into my email account. Before I went on to click on my inbox and check my email, one caught my eye. Wei wei. I knew her through Poh and  she left a deep impression when she … Continue reading

Poh’s 30th Birthday

It’s the big 3! It was Poh’s birthday last month and a few of his closest friends and mine came together to celebrate his 30th birthday singing KTV, his favourite pastime. To cross over from the two-s to the three-s may mean nothing to others but for Singaporeans, it marks a special occasion. You finally get … Continue reading

Busy busy busy…

These few weeks zoomed past so quickly I hardly had time to catch a breath. First it was my examinations. Then it was the rushing to finish up the project I was on by the dateline. Now that the project had entered its last phase, it was really a slight of relief for the team. … Continue reading

Thank you 4/7!

If you had read my earlier post on my birthday, you would have known I spent my birthday sleeping in, eating food which I love and shopped for my birthday present. As pathetic as it may sound to some, I have also mentioned that having huge parties/surprises/gatherings is a thing of the past for me. Turns out that … Continue reading

It’s My Birthday!!!

Although it was a few days past my birthday, I think this is something I feel is definitely worth sharing. What better ways to celebrate the day than to sleep in, eat something you like and spoil yourself silly?! That was exactly what I did. 1. Sleeping in Sleeping in is a thing of the past, … Continue reading

Brunch with the Ladies

Despite having to wake up earlier than usual on a Saturday morning, I was especially excited! I was going to try brunch at The Tastings Room@Marina Square with 2 of my favourite ladies! However, I was still fashionably late. Opps! Haha… I was not sure of its location as this was my first time visiting … Continue reading