Brunch with the Ladies

Despite having to wake up earlier than usual on a Saturday morning, I was especially excited! I was going to try brunch at The Tastings Room@Marina Square with 2 of my favourite ladies! However, I was still fashionably late. Opps! Haha… I was not sure of its location as this was my first time visiting … Continue reading

A cranky day

In countries with 4 seasons, there is this condition known as the seasonal affective disorder which  has been proven scientifically. There are noticeable fluctuations in one’s mood and people who experienced such disorder often feel down and sad when the weather is gray and rainy, especially in winter, but happy and uplifted when it is … Continue reading

Cha Time

Just yesterday, Yan and I managed to find some time to chill so we popped by E!hub to give the newly opened ChaTime a try. It was brightly lit. The glass panels allowed ample of sunlight to shine into the cozy bubble tea shop that stood right at the entrance to E!hub, making the traces … Continue reading

Tea Fit For Royalty

Being a tea fanatic since I-don’t-know-when, my favourite choice of beverage during any time of the day would naturally be TEA! When my 자기야was still in Singapore, we would meet really often at our favourite haunt to drink Teh Tarik. Will blog about it the next time she’s back in Town for teh with me. Hint … Continue reading