A few nights ago, I was watching “SuperModel Me” on Channel 5 with Poh. As we were both engrossed in admiring the porcelain skin of the models and their svelte figures, a remark made by a contestant caught my attention. “ Some girls are just picking faults with others so that they have something to … Continue reading


Just as Poh and I were wondering what we could do in the vicinity after dinner as we munched away at Nandos, an interesting search on our phones showed that there was K Suites in Iluma. This find got both of us intrigued as we have heard of K Box but we have yet heard of K … Continue reading

You are the Apple of My Eye

Yay!!! Poh and I finally bought tickets to the much-anticipated movie, ” You are the Apple of My Eye” also known as <<那些年,我們一起追的女孩>>. After hearing from my colleagues what a great show it was, I couldn’t wait to watch it. Did you know it was also nominated for Best Newcomer Award which the handsome Chen … Continue reading

Rubbing Shoulders with The Stars

It was an exciting evening! I was a lucky winner of the Facebook contest hosted by Gong Cha and got myself a pair of tickets to the gala première of a local production “Already Famous” also know as “一泡而红”. In this movie, Michelle Chong starred as an aspiring actress Lee Kar Kiao and Alien Huang is a (super … Continue reading

dr jekyll and mr hyde

My husband often makes this comment to me: “You are a fake beauty.” And the reason is simple: I look very different before and after I makeup. I do agree with him. I started experimenting with make up when I was in secondary school and with an elder sister who is blessed with good looks … Continue reading

Singapore’s Secret Garden

This is a post with just the title inspired by my favourite Korean drama. Let me digress a little by doing a mini promotion for the Korean drama before I begin on what I want to blog about.   Secret garden is a Korean Drama starring Hyun Bin (Isn’t he cute? Hee hee!) and Ha Ji Won. The drama tells … Continue reading

A star in the making:Jess Lee

If you are an ardent fan of the popular Taiwanese singing competition ‘One Million Star (超級星光大道)‘ hosted by Matilda Tao(陶晶莹), you would have followed each and every of the episode really closely. This show has discovered some of the now-famous singers such as Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰), Aska Yang(杨宗纬) and Anthony Neely(倪安東) and is still currently being … Continue reading

‘Loud’ is not so loud afterall.

This post is rather backdated but nonetheless, I overcame my laziness and decided to blog about it because there were certain events that left me puzzled and annoyed. I attended the Loud Festival on Friday, 7th October, filled with eagerness to watch the concert as I haven’t been to one since Sammi Cheng’s in April. What … Continue reading