Travelling at South of the Sea (Final)

I was really looking forward to this day as we were going to the hotel we have booked for ourselves after watching the movie ‘If You Are the One 2″ starring Shu Qi and Ge You. The place looked so gorgeous that Poh and I made it a point to extend our stay in Hainan for … Continue reading

Travelling at South of the Sea Part 4

As one can see, there are acres and acres of land used for farming along the way to famous beach in Sanya, the Asian’s Dragon Bay, more commonly known as Ya Long Bay or Ya Long Wan. There are no industries in Hainan thus tourism is their main source of revenue. Exporting locally products helped to … Continue reading

Travelling at South of the Sea Part 1

Have you seen the movie “If You Are The One 2” (非誠勿擾2) starring Ge You (葛優) and Taiwan’s Shu Qi (舒淇)? If you had, you would have probably made Hainan one of your next travel destination. An island which has a tropical moist monsoonal climate, one gets to experience different weather in a year, depending on … Continue reading