Visiting Taiwan . 4 Oct 2012. Last Day. Part 1/3 Yeliu Geopark (野柳)/Jiufen (九份)

On this last day before we head back to Singapore, we had planned for a trip around the outskirts of Taipei. We were really looking forward to this day trip until we saw the hoards of people who were already there and more flocking in… Gosh… It was really quite painful to be at the … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 3 Oct 2012. Day 7. WuLai (烏來)

After a well-rested night, we began the next day with the typical breakfast the locals eat. Ta-Dah! Looks like the carrot cake we can find in Singapore hawker centre isn’t it? The taste is about the same except the chilli is way off. Instead of being spicy, it tasted more salty and sweet. There was … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 3 Oct 2012. Day 6. Back in Taipei

After spending 2 days at the Alishan area, we headed back to the Taipei. Of course, not without saying good-bye to the cute granddaughter of Papa Liu. She’s this cutie doll that runs away, hiding behind grandpa or grandma whenever we tried to initiate conversation. Behind her is her newborn brother. Papa Liu dropped us … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 2 Oct 2012. Day 5. Part 2/3 Exploring Alishan

It’s really some kind of annoying but I realised that I’m way too slow in posting all my travels! Grrr… These were like past year events!! Nonetheless, I’m only happy to share these moments. Simply because these were happy times spent with people who have made time to travel with us! It’s really getting harder … Continue reading

Back in the Sunny Garden City!

After spending 9 days winding down in Taiwan, I’m back! It was a fruitful and well-spent week with lots of travelling, sight-seeing, exploring and having fun with friends!  Looking back, I’m already suffering from post-holidays blues on my last day in Taiwan and to make things worst, I’m also down with a cold that seemed … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 30 Sep 2012. Day 3. Part 2/3 Stairway to Heaven (天梯)

The picture is just a decoy. :p Please do not be tricked into believing I’m posting a review for a Korean drama, especially since there is such a namesake. In this post, I am, however, writing about the later part of our third day in Taichung after our visit to Sun Moon Lake (SML). If … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 30 Sep 2012. Day 3. Part 1/3 Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

It was our third day and last day in the Nantou County (南投縣). Time really flies when we are in great company. In the huge county that we were in, there are a few attractions which are often visited and one of them is the Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) also known as the SML in short. This … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 2. Preview

NICE??!! This view totally blew me away. It was about 7 am in the morning when I felt the glare from the window. Squinting through my sleepy eyes, I was instantly jolted awake by this gorgeous sight. I exclaimed rather loudly, waking up ZM and Poh who was also taken aback by the beautiful scene. … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 1. Part 2/2. Cing Jing (清境)

Welcome to our lovely minsu!!!     A pretty cool loft… We reached back to the minsu closed to 5 pm and the room was more than ready to welcome us. I was surprised that it was neatly divided into 2 storeys with the lower deck being the living hall and the upper deck as our … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 1. Part 1/2. Cing Jing (清境)

*shake* *shake shake* … *shake shake shake shake!!!* I opened my eyes wide to see who have been shaking my neck pillow, only to see Poh giggling. We were up in the air for 4 hours plus. By the time the rest had woken up, Poh, bored (and I believed he was quite bewildered by how I … Continue reading