Graduation Night 2011

Have you attended a graduation night? I’ve never been an attendee myself but ever since I’m tasked with the huge responsibility of organizing one, I’m both exhilarated and nervous. What if I don’t do a good job? What if there are unforeseen circumstances? So many what ifs have popped into my head! Putting the what-ifs … Continue reading

The More We Get Together, the Merrier We’ll Be

Yesterday, my colleagues and I had a gathering at Suzy’s new home and it was simply a lovely afternoon spent having tea and muffins and chilling out at her cozy and spacious home. Upon reaching her doorsteps, one could immediately identify a feline lover. Yan tried the door bell and it gave out such a … Continue reading


I love Fridays the most out of the seven days of the week. Why? Simply because Friday marks the end of work and the start of rest! ;D Though it is not really the case for me (that is due to the fact that I do work on weekends too, unofficially!), Friday is also the … Continue reading