Meet-ups During the Holidays!

For many working adults, the March holidays was a worrisome one for them. Their kids are at home. Yes, not in school but on holidays! It was the holiday week for most of the schools in Singapore last week. Most of my colleagues took leave to accompany their children. Some took leave to supervise their … Continue reading

Love is in the air!

Pardon the hiatus in my blogging for I have been bewitched by the chinese drama which everyone is watching, “Startling By Each Step”, also known as, <<步步惊心>>. It is a beautiful and tragic love story based in the Qing Dynasty, intertwining many members of the royal family. To cut the long story short, I’ve attached a … Continue reading

noob cook at work again!

I was sitting on my bed deleting the photos in my iPhone when I came across the photos of my cooking a few weeks back! Haha. Once again, I had turned to online recipes which were really handy and easy to follow. Stir Fried Prawns with Eggs A simple dish with a simple set of … Continue reading