Travelling at South of the Sea Part 3

Sanya (三亚) lies at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island. The theme for our tour around Sanya today was “Longevity” (寿). As one would often hear well-wishers go, “福如东海, 寿比南山” which also means, may you (the one who received the well wishes) have fortune as vast as the East Sea and longevity as great as … Continue reading

Travelling at South of the Sea Part 2

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you had a great time feasting and getting cosy with your loved ones. Continuing with my lovely holiday in Hainan… The itinerary for the second day began with us waking up at 715 and hitting the roads by 830 to get to Sanya. Geez… Although there was no time difference … Continue reading

Travelling at South of the Sea Part 1

Have you seen the movie “If You Are The One 2” (非誠勿擾2) starring Ge You (葛優) and Taiwan’s Shu Qi (舒淇)? If you had, you would have probably made Hainan one of your next travel destination. An island which has a tropical moist monsoonal climate, one gets to experience different weather in a year, depending on … Continue reading