You are the Apple of My Eye

Yay!!! Poh and I finally bought tickets to the much-anticipated movie, ” You are the Apple of My Eye” also known as <<那些年,我們一起追的女孩>>. After hearing from my colleagues what a great show it was, I couldn’t wait to watch it. Did you know it was also nominated for Best Newcomer Award which the handsome Chen … Continue reading

Starting the Day with A GOoooOOD Breakfast

What better way is there to start a day with a yummilicious breakfast? To start the day with a yummilicious breakfast with a yummilicious babe! Bestie Fish is in Town! After being away for close to nine months in Shang Hai, Fish is back for a short trip and I’m glad I caught up with … Continue reading

The Experience at Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery

Met up with my classmates from secondary school last Friday! We had decided to give the place Antoinette@Mandarin Gallery a try and I had bravely volunteered to go down early so as to get us a seat. Apparently, this place, no doubt famous for its desserts, is also famous for being filled up quickly during … Continue reading