Meet-ups During the Holidays!

For many working adults, the March holidays was a worrisome one for them. Their kids are at home. Yes, not in school but on holidays! It was the holiday week for most of the schools in Singapore last week. Most of my colleagues took leave to accompany their children. Some took leave to supervise their … Continue reading

I ♥ CNY! (Part 2)

Though the Chinese New Year is barely over, the lively and cheery atmosphere has hardly any left, especially when work starts immediately after the 2nd day of Chinese New Year for me! (Such a damper… @#*&(@^$) Nonetheless, celebrations for the CNY still goes on for me! Since it only takes place once a year and … Continue reading

I ♥ CNY!

5 more days and the Chinese New Year will be over! Well, that does not stop me from declaring my love for this festive occasion. Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1. There’s the annual steamboat sessions with families! Iko girl girl joins in the fun! For the steamboat session at my … Continue reading