Visiting Taiwan . 2 Oct 2012. Day 5. Part 3/3 Exploring FenQiHu (奋起湖)

I’m back to talk about my trip in Taiwan. Haha.. It seemed like it’s a never-ending journey and that’s, of course, what I hope every of my holiday would be. I do dread writing about holidays, not because it’s not fun. The fact is my mundane writing often does not do the holidays I had … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 2 Oct 2012. Day 5. Part 1/3 Catching the sunrise

Man… This is arduous. Waking up at 4 am is no joke. Poh has opted out of this activity as sleep seemed a better option. I struggled but decided to go for it in the end.  Since I can hardly remember if I had ever did such a crazy thing in any of my previous … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 1 Oct 2012. Day 4. Part 2/2 Reaching 渊明居

Introducing to you… 渊明居 Clean Sheets! The toilet seat is warm, comes with a bidet and spot the rain shower plus anti-slip mat! Weiwei! The rooms don’t look exceptionally posh nor does it resemble any 5-star accommodation but this is definitely the best home stay experience we had.  We were humbled not just by the … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 1 Oct 2012. Day 4. Part 1/2 En Route to Shizhuo (石槕)

I’m already missing Taiwan! Although I touched down on Sunday, the memories of the laid-back life in Taiwan remained etched deeply. As much as I wish to start sharing about my new trip, I realised I’m not even half way done about my previous trip to Heart of Asia! So… here goes! 1st October was … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 2. Cing Jing (清境) to HeHuanShan (合歡山) + Puli (埔里)

Here’s the much-anticipated gallery of photos of the view we had from our room! Seeing such a gorgeous view upon waking up really lifts one’s spirits and brightens one’s mood. The most appropriate chinese idiom to describe the feeling would have to be 心旷神怡. Even after 6 months since the holiday, I can still vividly remember … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 29 Sep 2012. Day 1. Part 2/2. Cing Jing (清境)

Welcome to our lovely minsu!!!     A pretty cool loft… We reached back to the minsu closed to 5 pm and the room was more than ready to welcome us. I was surprised that it was neatly divided into 2 storeys with the lower deck being the living hall and the upper deck as our … Continue reading

Visiting Taiwan . 28 Sep 2012. Day 0. Let’s fly to Taipei!

I tried to think of a fanciful name for this travel I had but after giving it much thought, I guess it is best to leave it simple so that you, who reads it may have room for imagination. For those who know me well, Taiwan is my favourite country for travels. For various reasons, … Continue reading